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Our Mission

● Is your technology designed for sustainability?
    ● Is your system optimized for maximum efficiency, minimum footprint and
lowest cost?
    ● Is your business required to significantly reduce its energy intensity and/or greenhouse gas emissions?
    ● Are you running a cost effective operation?
    ● Are you building or improving a renewable energy technology?
    ● Are you trying to commercialize your start-up technology?
    ● Is your process polluting air, water or land?

With a group of brilliant and experienced process design, simulation & optimization specialists, engineers, materials scientists and business development experts, and a strong commitment to reduce industrial, household and transportation energy consumption as an effective solution to bring the accelerating climate change patterns under control, Green Twirl Energy will identify the controlling parameters of your process and will optimize your technology for maximum efficiency, least energy consumption and smallest physical footprint, through affordable solutions.

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